Today’s Fresh Catch: The Great Plains Audio 802-16G Series II & 416-16B Drivers

11-17-2019 | By Jeff Day |

Being the vintage Altec enthusiast that I am – I have 3 pairs of gigantic vintage Altec loudspeakers in my modest sized home – you can imagine how excited I am by this particular “Today’s Fresh Catch”, the Great Plains Audio (nee Altec) 802-16G Series II compression drivers and the 416-16B low-frequency drivers.

GPA Compression Driver

First let me tell you how impressed I am with the quality of the packaging & packing that the Great Plains Audio drivers were shipped to me with – first rate!

It’s always a good sign when I see companies put that much thought into their packaging & packing, as I know that means they’ve also put an impressive amount of thought into their designs as well, and are proud enough of them to make sure they get to the customer in perfect condition.

Great Plains Audio 802-16G Series II compression drivers. MSRP $900 USD each.

I thought it would be handy for you if I included a copy of the fact sheet for the 802-16G Series II compression drivers.

All of my vintage Altec’s utilize 16 Ohm AlNiCo drivers, so that’s what what Bill Hanuschak sent to me for the review, but for all of you that use the 8 Ohm versions, those are also available as well.

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