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GPA 212-8A

Great Plains Audio Model 212-8A

Great Plains Audio designs and manufactures some of the finest loudspeakers in the world. We continue this tradition of excellence with the release of our newest loudspeaker, the Great Plains Audio Model 212-8A. The extension of usable lower frequency limits and the expansion of available dynamic range have placed greater demands on audio monitoring systems. As audio-video facilities are constructed or upgraded to accommodate HDTV, equal attention should be placed on providing a superior acoustic setting. Th e 212-8A will deliver the high definition audio reproduction required for this environment. Recording studios, mastering facilities, and home theater rooms are also......

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About Us

Great Plains Audio was born out of the Altec Lansing corporation in 1998. It carries forward the loudspeaker design and manufacturing tradition that began with Western Electric in the early 20th century. Great Plains Audio is the only place where the legendary Western Electric/Altec Lansing sound reproduction technologies live on.

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