Stevens Dream Altec 604 Loudspeaker

Looking back, it’s easy to comprehend why I’m a believer in the concept of thought as object – the notion that we bring into our lives that to which we give our attention. That’s how I manifested many of the good things that I am fortunate to have this time ’round. But, sometimes I falter and forget that. I can be quick to immediately assume something is out of reach. That’s exactly what happened last October when I learned that the speakers from the room I ranked best in show at RMAF 2005 were beyond my modest financial means. I managed a stiff upper lip and adopted a different, less optimistic kind of faith. Within a few days, they — like many things that grab our attention and are pretty quickly released because they aren’t that important to us — would be but a faint recollection.

Not so fast there. Not this time. I was hooked. It turns out that I thought about them – a lot. And, believe it or not, I dreamt about them too. The amalgamation of deeply drenched tone, texture, nuance, dynamics, delicacy and drama that I stumbled upon in Denver was ostensibly not destined to become antediluvian history. So, let’s begin with the cast of characters without whom the 604 Dream speakers would have remained just that.


GPA's Vintage Altec E-Zine